Lucy Lenore – Lucy Gets Juicy

Lucy Gets Juicy

Lucy Gets Juicy

Lucy Lenore is stuck at the office. Everyone has gone home but she has to finish some work. Lucy makes a phone call, then decides to bust some stress right then and there in her cube. It’s not the ideal place but Lucy loves to rub one out when she’s in the mood and she’s in the mood a lot.

“I have to be literally worn out to be sexually satisfied,” reveals Lucy. “I have to cum until I hurt to be satisfied. I have been called sexually insatiable more than once. I have sex three or four times a week. Between work and life, that’s all I can manage. I wish it was more!”

“My favorite position is on my back with my legs in the air or on my side because they are great for hitting my G-spot and then I get to squirt.”

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