Anna Kay – All The Way In

All The Way In

All The Way In

“Men really don’t hit on me,” Anna Kay said.

We didn’t expect to hear that.

“Men are usually intimidated by me. I think it’s because I am tall and built this way, they’re afraid to approach me. When I lived in Atlanta, I would get hit on by a lot of black guys. But not really anytime else. Guys are intimidated.

“Men in uniform are not intimidated by me at all. In fact, when I am with a man in uniform, I feel like they can protect me. I feel safe. But at the same time, because they come off as so strong, I feel like I can be free during sex and be really, really dirty and get wild, too.

“I think that I am more the spontaneous type, so I just let things happen and go with it. I am a girl who goes with the flow. Usually I enjoy being submissive and letting the guy do what he wants to do to me.”

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