Harmony White – 40G-cup Babysitter Likes Married Men

40G-cup Babysitter Likes Married Men

40G-cup Babysitter Likes Married Men

Sexy Harmony White isn’t dressing like a girl looking for babysitting work. That’s because the chesty cam babe is more interested in fucking the dads. Harmony’s 40G-cups nestled in a low-cut pink top breastnotize Tony as he attempts to “interview” Harmony in the living room. Before long, Harmony is on her knees on the couch, sucking and tit-massaging Tony’s boner. Obviously, father knows breasts. They get on their sides and he spreads Harmony’s pussy for a hot beef injection.

XL Girls: Harmony, has shooting your first scenes (at SCORELAND) changed you at all?

Harmony: Yes. I’m a little bit more open. I’m still pretty shy, believe it or not!

XL Girls: Do you watch adult videos at home? What kind do you like?

Harmony: I do but I only watch Lesbian videos. All sorts of fetish Lesbian. I recently got into watching Lesbian fisting videos.

XL Girls: What kind of foreplay do you like?

Harmony: Sucking, licking and spanking, soft at first.

XL Girls: Do you have a favorite tit-fucking position?

Harmony: I’m pretty happy with any angle we can get it to work.

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