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Foxee Roxee

Foxee Roxee

Here’s Roxee Robinson wrapped into a very tight blue dress that looks like the kind of clothing a girl needs a special permit to wear. Roxee does it justice! Arguably, it’s the sexiest outfit Roxee has worn so far. It also comes off real quickly, too, once she gets home so she can have some finger-lickin’ fun.

The very definition of “brick house,” Roxee’s had a powerful effect on XL guys since she debuted, inspiring some guys who haven’t commented in a long time to comment about her.

“I haven’t posted in some time, but when I saw Roxee I couldn’t resist,” writes Chuck. “I really like this model for a lot of reasons. Of course the obvious twin peaks and luscious, sexy bod but also because she talks. Most models just moan or groan which is okay for about 10 seconds then I want to hear words. I just love her conversation and attitude.”

Roxee went back to Prague for more and we’ll be seeing the results soon.

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