Lucy – Polish brickhouse

Polish brickhouse

Polish brickhouse

Meet Lucy, a Polish model we met on our “On Location Munich” trip to Germany in 2008. Lucy was operating a tanning salon when she found our ad on the Internet. She sent us some test shots, and we told her to meet us in Deutschland.

Lucy made her SCORELAND debut by fucking, which is always a nice thing. That reminds me a little of a few of the SCORE Girls who’ve told me they like to fuck before the first date. The idea is that you get it out of the way, dispose of the pretense, so you can enjoy the rest of the date without thinking about whether you’re going to get any. You already did!

In her limited English, Lucy told us she had been fascinated by the idea of appearing in a big-boob magazine and website for a long time. Finally, she decided to take the plunge.

She also told us that she likes swimming, reading and soccer. A full body massage including finger play in her pussy is her favorite kind of foreplay.

“My fantasy one day is to have sex with two guys,” Lucy said. “I am woman enough for two men!”

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