Samantha 38G – Sam Buys A Couch

Sam Buys A Couch

Sam Buys A Couch

There’s someone knocking on Bam’s door. Why it’s none other than lusty, busty Samantha 38G. What brings her over? Sam’s seen his ad offering his couch for sale on Craigslist.

Samantha checks out the couch and by that we mean, she sits on it and bounces up and down so fast her big tits are close to popping out of her dress. She inspects the material and notices some stains. Wonder where they came from…has this man been watching Samantha’s videos?

Samantha is a great negotiator so watch her in action trying to arrange the deal in her favor. Bam has no chance especially when she’s rubbing his junk through his pants. Before the deal is done, that couch takes a major beating as they fuck hard, fast and furiously.

After their rough ride, and after Sam’s huge hooters are coated in man-juice, listen to what she says for the twist in this tale of a torrid twosome.

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