Melissa Manning – Man oh Manning!

Man oh Manning!

Man oh Manning!

In this scene, sweet, wonderful Melissa Manning rubs fruit on her H-cup naturals and pantied cunt. She self-sucks her nipples. We gladly would have provided a stud to suck on her nipples for her, but Melissa never did boy-girl. She showed her pussy only a few times and never spread it. But that’s okay. She has a pretty face and great tits.

Melissa is from Michigan. She was instantly popular when she debuted in 2011. She had been a cam model and waitress. Her hobbies are reading, painting and watching ice hockey. Her dream was to own a green motorcycle. We hope she achieved her dream. She’s made so many of ours come true. Most of those dreams involve fucking the pillows on her chest.

When Melissa first visited our studio, she brought along her sister for support and protection. She didn’t need protection. We take care of our busty girls. For some reason, I found the idea of Melissa baring her tits while her sister watched kind of hot. It’s like, “Oh, I’m showing off my tits while a family member watches. I’m taking jack photos right in front of my sis.” Melissa never actually said that, but I imagined that she did.

In these photos and the video, Melissa looks very classy, even when she takes off her gown. That’s the kind of girl she is. Classy, I mean. And the kind of girl who takes off her gown.

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