Casey Deluxe – Oiled Boobs & Bump

Oiled Boobs & Bump

Oiled Boobs & Bump

Writes Nick about Casey Deluxe, “It is not that I am at a loss for words, it is just that I cannot speak when I am drooling. Well that and this thing that is so large in my groinal area that seems to be taking all my blood…” Others must feel the same way since Casey’s been getting a lot of fan mail.

“The funniest thing someone ever said to me was, ‘Are your breasts real?’ Of course, during my pregnancy, no one asked me this when I was out of my house.”

Casey oils up her big boobs and big belly bump and spends some quality time rubbing her pussy. Her sexual urges were off the charts and she pretty much knocked out her baby daddy with her need for a lot of sex. “Insatiable,” said Casey.

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