Anna Loren – Wow, those are big!

Wow, those are big!

Wow, those are big!

Anna Loren, a naturally busty beauty who posed for us in 2009, used to work in an adult store.

“Do you know how many men walked into that place and told me, ‘Wow! Those are big!'” Anna said. “That was the line I got most often. I think I was a big attraction in that store.”

I’m sure. I used to go to a newsstand in South Florida two or three times a week just to see the super-stacked clerk with the big, fake tits. She wore tight, low-cut tops, short skirts and heels. I loved buying SCORE and Voluptuous when she was working. I don’t know why. That just got me off. I also used to like buying men’s magazines from a newsstand where some old lady was usually behind the counter.

But enough about me. This is about Anna.

“I love learning about my sexuality,” she said. “I love to see how I react to certain things, what my body does, what my pussy does. I masturbate all the time. I have a collection of dildos. I love my shower head massage. I also love watching myself masturbate.”

Anna came to us when her sister posed for Naughty Neighbors and encouraged her to try modeling.

“She had sex, too. I think she did an anal sex video. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Having sex in front of the camera, that is.”

She never was ready for it, but we’re glad she was at least ready for this.

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