Tiggle Bitties – Tiggle & A Jiggle

Tiggle & A Jiggle

Tiggle & A Jiggle

“I love to have my nipples played with,” says Tiggle Bitties who can self-suck her pliable tits that are far from Bitties. “Gently and then not so much.” This is Tiggle’s first outdoor shoot for SCORELAND and it’s nice to get her under Miami skies.

Let’s talk about sex.

“I fantasize about group sex a lot. Threesomes, bukkake, that kind of thing. I’ve had sex outdoors. I love screwing under a big, full moon. I like long, torturous teasing followed by a good screw. I’m assertive for sure. I know what I want in bed. I’ve had at least as much sex with women if not more than with men.”

“What a sexy big boob natural,” writes Mark. “Tiggle’s tits are so big and sexy. She also seems like a sweet woman, the kind you would marry.”

More Tiggle to follow!

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