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Ready for sexxx

Ready for sexxx

“Guys love big tits,” FF-cup Brittany Kendall said, “so I guess I was born lucky. I get a lot of attention because of mine. I dress to emphasize them. I wear tank tops a lot. I like the attention as long as the comments aren’t rude and offensive.”

I’ve always wondered about that. “Nice tits” is rude? Yes? No? It doesn’t sound rude to me. “Nice body” is less rude? Why? “I want to fuck your tits and cum all over them” is also rude? I don’t get that. It sounds like a compliment. If a girl came up to me and said she liked my cock–something that’s never happened–I’d thank her from now until next year. Of course, I’d also ask her if she’d like to suck it.

Okay, I’m getting away from the point. Brittany Kendall. Came to SCORELAND in 2013. Kinda came and went. Was recommended by a friend who noticed her tits and thought she should show them to the world. Took his advice, came here and fucked, too. That’s what she’s doing in this scene. Fucking.

Brittany is from San Diego, California. She says she’s quiet and shy. That seems hard to believe from these photos and the video, but shy girls do porn. I’ve seen it. Still, perhaps their definition of shy is different from ours.

Brittany says she has sex twice a week and has fucked outdoors, in a public bathroom and in a three-way. When she came to our studio, she had sex twice in one day with JMac, once for the photos and again for the video. Then she did it again the next day with another stud. We haven’t seen her since. Too bad. But we’re glad we got to see her.

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