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Do me now

Cherry Brady has always been in love with vintage and retro clothing, shoes, underwear and lingerie of the 1950s and 1960s. This shoot is one of her faves. What Cherry did was add her own personal sense of naughty and bawdy yet wholesome lady-next-door sexuality to this nod to the skin magazines of the late 1950s.

Her extroverted personality on-camera attracted the fans, and she loved showing off her great big tits and pretty pussy every way she could. They could tell she loved what she was doing and that she wasn’t in it for the dollars.

I think Cherry is the only model who wrote her own scripts. The DVD Ultimate Cherry was written by her, and I still have the short story (“Cherry Sexetary”) she wrote that became the XXX scene in Voluptuous Xtra #8 and the layout in February 2004 Voluptuous.

A Voluptuous subscriber when she decided to send her photos to SCORE and see if she could join in the action, Cherry told us what she liked to watch at home. She does in her videos what she liked to see in other girls’ videos and was always very descriptive about it.

“I like when they talk a lot. I was watching this video the other day and it has Natalie Fiore in it and she talks so much! And she has this accent! I don’t know if it’s like French, but she is just rubbing her tits and talk, talk, talking like, ‘Oooh ju know ju want me, Babee…’ and I loved it. I was like, ‘Oh, you hot slut, you!’ I like when a girl talks a lot and interacts with the viewer.”

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