Angel Wicky – An Angel gets DP’d

An Angel gets DP’d

An Angel gets DP'd

When this scene first appeared on SCORELAND, Elliot titled it “Angel and the Bad Men.” I don’t know why he called it that. Angel doesn’t seem to think they’re bad men. She seems to enjoy sucking off both of them and having one of their cocks in her pussy and the other in her asshole at the same time.

This might sound odd, but when you think about it, you realize it makes sense: Girls who love DPs have a hard time getting two guys who’ll DP them. Even in a porn studio, we have a hard time getting two studs who’ll do a DP.

But that’s what Angel wanted and that’s what Angel gets. Angel was relatively new to SCORELAND when she did this scene, and as Elliot wrote, “For a brand-new model to do a DP right away rarely happens.” Of course, it happens more frequently when the model is Czech. Czech chicks do DPs like American girls do credit cards.

“I like anal play, but it’s better in a DP,” Angel said.

Angel also told us, “I run, swim and go to a fitness center. Plus I get a lot of cardio having sex!”

True fact: Girls burn double the calories when they’re getting DP’d.

True fact: Whenever someone uses the phrase “true fact,” you know it’s a lie.

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