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Spread Red

Spread Red

Sadie, what’s your favorite position?
“People might think this sounds boring, but I like any position that is face to face; yes, that includes missionary. It’s very intimate and a huge turn-on to be able to look into the other person’s eyes as they fuck you. I like to be able to see the expression the guy makes as he cums inside my pussy, and I’m sure the guy likes to see the faces I make while he’s pounding me. And you know, you can do anal in missionary, so it’s not a totally vanilla position. In fact, when I do anal I prefer to do it missionary style. That’s how it feels the best for me.”

How often do you do anal?
“Probably about once or twice a month. I try to keep it on more of a special occasion basis or for when I’m so crazy horny and wet that the guy can just slip it in my ass with little to no foreplay.”

How do you like to have sex with girls?
“The face to face thing is a little harder with girls, so sometimes I just like to makeout while we rub our clits together or finger each other. I like to 69 with girls. If we can’t be face to face at least we can be face to pussy!”

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