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“Because of my breast size, I have to wear a bra,” brickhouse Czech chick Janne Hollan said. “When I am at the gym, it’s almost impossible to not wear a bra. But at home when I am chilling out, I don’t wear one.”

Janne isn’t wearing one here. She’s dressed in sheer lingerie, but her breasts are so full and firm that they stand up on their own. The photos and video include some great looking up-views of Janne’s G-cup naturals. There’s also lots of tit play. For example, she wraps her breasts around a bedpost. Think about that: How many women you know can wrap their tits around a bedpost?

When we found her during a trip to Berlin, Germany, Janne was working in Prague as a customer service agent for a car company. What a waste of talent! She had recently discovered modeling.

Janne enjoys skating and dancing, romantic comedies and usually dresses in short skirts and low-cut tops when she’s not at work. I never met her, but if I had, I would’ve asked her why she didn’t wear low-cut tops at work. She would’ve sold a lot of cars.

“I like to dress provocatively,” Janne said. “I like to show big cleavage. Men are always staring at me when I dress in that way, and I like that. But I do not like it when men only stare at my breasts. I enjoy that but I also like a man to look at my other qualities and want to get to know me as a woman.”

Sorry, Janne, but every girl has eyes. Not every girl has G-cups.

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