Anastasia Lux – Sauna Sex Party

Sauna Sex Party

Sauna Sex Party

Anastasia Lux spends another day at her favorite spa. This is the place where she got a massage and wound up in a threesome sex game. Today is sauna day for the lusty, busty, beautiful brunette. She changes from a tight dress to a bikini and enters the sauna.

When she opens the door, she spots Tom and stops, thinking that she’s walking into the wrong sauna. Tom explains that this sauna is unisex and she should come in and enjoy the heat. In a short time, the heat levels will be rising a lot faster.

Anastasia wants to oil up and asks Tom if he has any oil. He does, and offers to give her a hand applying it. Rubbing it into her huge natural breasts, Tom’s hands excite Anastasia and get her horny. He lowers her bikini top and massages the oil into her hot tits.

Too worked-up to leave it at that, Anastasia takes Tom’s cock in her hand and rubs it, then offers her breasts to him for a tit-wank. Tom eagerly slides his cock between her oily, heavenly hooters. In a few minutes, the sauna’s temperature will reach the dangerously red-hot zone as the heated couple get it on!

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