Lucy Lenore – Filling The Cups Of Her 36J Bra

Filling The Cups Of Her 36J Bra

Filling The Cups Of Her 36J Bra

“We sell SCORE magazines at my shop,” said Lucy Lenore. The 36J-cup delight works in an adult emporium. That always interests the folks at XL Girls. “One of my regulars mentioned modeling to me and thought I would do well. I saw the Models Wanted ad on the back of one of the magazines and was inspired to try it myself.”

Lucy’s breasts began to grow when she was young and she had a big head-start on her classmates. “I was a D-cup in 8th grade and when I finished high school, I was already bigger than a DDD. I was definitely the bustiest girl and the first busty girl in school. When the other girls started to catch-up, my tits just kept getting bigger.”

Lucy has an unusual interest that’s turning into a vocation. “I am obsessed with bats! I have been slowly working on getting my wildlife licensing to work with them. I love them. I think they get a bad rap but to me they’re little puppies with wings.” Get the Batman. We have a girlfriend for him.

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