Micky Bells – New look, same huge naturals

New look, same huge naturals

New look, same huge naturals

In 2014, Micky Bells, one of the bustiest Voluptuous babes ever, lost weight. That’s usually awful news. When a girl is naturally stacked, weight loss almost always means a reduction in boob size.

But Micky isn’t like most girls. She’s super-stacked. At her most-voluptuous, her tits were JJ-cups. Her cleavage was enormous. So even with some weight loss, Micky had boob size to spare. The result: a super-slim, super-stacked SCORE Girl who readers and members loved. V-Men were a bit disappointed, but even they had to admit that Micky still had bigger tits than 99% of the women in the world.

Micky told us that a combination of diet and exercise led to her achieving a 28-inch waist. Personally, I like both Mickys. The voluptuous Micky was a V-mag covergirl. The slim ‘n’ stacked Micky was a SCORE covergirl. That’s impressive.

And if you head over to SCORELAND, you’ll see that Micky is pregnant and bustier than ever. That’s really impressive.

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