Katie Thornton – Bra-Busting Bombshell

Bra-Busting Bombshell

Bra-Busting Bombshell

Katie Thornton’s big boobs have a mind of their own. They keep wanting to pop out of her tops, bras and dresses. So she might as well take them out as soon as possible and make them happy. Happy boobs make a happy girl.

“I like shooting for SCORE,” Katie said. “My hair, my make-up, the sexy outfits. I like Miami. It’s all good.” She was pleased to be on two magazine covers (August & Holiday 2015). “I have them at home in a little frame on my wall in my little bedroom.” And Katie is on the cover of the DVD SCORE’s Top Guns.

Katie gets recognized, more in the UK than in the States but that’s changing. The paparazzi follow her. “I like being recognized. I was in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, and a guy stopped me in the street and asked me if I was Katie Thornton. He’d seen me on the internet.”

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