Porsche Dali – Porsche & The BBC

Porsche & The BBC

Porsche & The BBC

A “Favorite Fuck Doll” at XL Girls, Porsche Dali is back to rack attack Jax Black. Living up to her surname, Porsche’s approach to fucking, masturbation and boob play on-camera is to treat it like a work of art. Jax is ready to have Porsche handle his stick shift the moment she points her heavy, giant tits at his face.

Among Porsche’s many talents, tit-fucking is rated highly. “I can give a good titty-fuck,” says Porsche. “I use lots of slobber. All of the guys I’ve been with have to try it at least once.”

Porsche likes to cater to the guy she’s with. Maybe that’s a mid-western trait.

“I’m a giver. I don’t really care about being eaten out. I just want to get fucked. Maybe I need to meet a guy with a magic tongue to change my mind. I like to have my ass slapped and I like to have my hair pulled, but to a certain extent. A couple of little slaps and a not-too-hard pull towards the end is really good. If the man likes dirty talking, then I’ll happily do it.”

Can a guy pay too much attention to a girl’s boobs? Here’s what Porsche says.

“Sometimes they get to the point where they forget that I’m a real person and it’s just all about the tits. I do things like care for the environment and I go to school. I was blessed with big boobs, but that’s not all there is to me. But if I was without my boobs I would be lost.

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