Vanessa Y. – Vanessa’s a natural

Vanessa’s a natural

Vanessa's a natural

Elliot James described Vanessa Y. as “a great pussy spreader.” At first glance, that sounds odd, doesn’t it? After all, how much talent does a girl have to have to spread her pussy? All she has to do is reach down, find her labia and spread them. Easy, right?

Well, yeah, if all the girl wants to do is spread her pussy. But to spread her pussy in a way that gets guys jacking takes talent. Skill. Practice. Especially practice. Take Morgan Leigh, the slim ‘n’ stacked SCORE Girl. I’ve never seen a girl who’s better with a dildo. Fuck toys seem to be an extension of Morgan’s hand when she’s using them. How did she get so good at fucking her pussy with dildos? Practice, of course. Karina Hart is great with a dildo, too.

Ever notice how natural basketball players look when they’re dribbling a basketball or tennis players look when they’re hitting a backhand? They practiced a lot. They barely think about what they’re doing. Plus, they’re natural athletes. I think some girls are natural pussy spreaders, too.

Vanessa Y. is one of those girls. In these photos and the video, Vanessa has a lot of hair on her pussy. But does that hair get in her way? No. She gets under the hair with her long, thin fingers, finds her pink cunt lips and spreads them. Inside, more pink. Her asshole puckers, too.

So kudos to Vanessa for this talent, and kudos to me for writing about Vanessa Y. without once mentioning her big, fat, natural tits.

I think I just blew that.

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