Vanessa Lust – Bartender Babe

Bartender Babe

Bartender Babe

“I work as a bartender, which is a lot of fun,” Vanessa told us. “A while back, this girl came in and blew, like, a thousand dollars on a tab without batting an eye. I asked her what she did for a living, and she told me, ‘I fuck. And I fuck a lot.’ I’d never thought about shooting porn before that, but after that, my interest was piqued.”

We asked Vanessa what kinds of dates she likes going on. “I love being outdoors. Anything that involves the beach is fun. I’ve had guys take me jet skiing and four-wheeling out in the Everglades before. Those were fun dates. If I have a good time on a date, you’re guaranteed to get action afterward. You can get lucky on the date, too! A guy took me on a really sweet date to a park once, and I fucked him right there in the field!”

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