Maci More – Confident Cunny

Confident Cunny

Confident Cunny

We’ve watched Maci mature before our eyes.
She started off as a shy kitten who was hesitant to show off her body and transformed into a confident girl eager to flash her pussy. “After a couple of photo shoots I wasn’t nervous to get naked. It’s kind of like when you first start having sex. You feel shy because no one has seen you naked like that before and you don’t know if you’re normal. But then you do it more often and you see that guys like the way you look, and it’s not a big deal to be naked anymore. Now I like to be naked all the time.”

Do you feel more confident when it comes to sex?
“Yes, definitely. At first I had no clue what I was doing. I couldn’t have an orgasm from sex. The whole thing just felt awkward. But with experience I think I’ve gotten a lot better. I can cum from sex, and it’s great. I think I was pretty terrible at blow jobs in the beginning, but now I get compliments on my cock-sucking skills all the time. A lot of girls think guys want it all fast and hard and crazy, but the guys I’ve been with have told me they don’t really like that. They like it passionate and a little slower.”

And what kind of oral style do you like?
“I also like it slow and passionate. I like it when it seems like they are really savoring my pussy like it’s a fresh peach. Some guys eat it like how a dog chows down on its food and that’s not my favorite. I want the guy to take his time exploring my pussy with his tongue and fingers, to treat it like the delicate flower it is. Then he can go hard on it when he puts his dick in. But for oral, take it easy and savor the flavor of it!”

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