Allysa Andrews – Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Allysa Andrews was a horny little minx when she came to XL Girls. The Florida local was young, full of hot, wild oats and worked in a porn store.

“The guy with me, Johnny Rod, was very experienced,” said Allysa. “I’d never been with a guy like that so it was great because he taught me a lot about sex and how to position myself the best for the cameras so everyone at home can see everything. I’m just a rookie. I’ve seen a lot of adult movies because I worked in an adult store and I’ve seen plenty of bad ones so I want any videos I’m in to look great.

“Johnny controlled me and told me what to do. I liked that. I think most girls want a man to be in control of them even if they don’t want to admit that and I think most of the guys at home watching a video want to see the man control the girl and guide her when they fuck.

“Most of them don’t want to see a girl call the shots on a submissive guy and henpeck his cock around. They want to see the girl adore the man’s cock and do as he says ’cause he’s the boss. I guess that’s why I have this fantasy of being fucked by Darth Vader…the most controlling, dominant male in the universe.”

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