Kerry Marie – Kerry’s locked-up knockers

Kerry’s locked-up knockers

Kerry's locked-up knockers

Kerry Marie in prison sounds like the most unlikely scenario ever. She’s so sweet, so nice. What could she have possibly done to end up in the slammer? Maybe she showed too much tit in public? That’s possible. Probably arrested by some jealous female officer with B-cups. Kerry Marie has JJ-cup naturals. She incites that kind of reaction.

Kerry is one of the greatest naturals ever. She was part of the British big-tit invasion in 1999. That’s really when things started to change in the world of big tits. The pendulum swung from super-stacked, mega-augmented babes to naturals like Kerry, Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Chaz, etc. Things haven’t been the same since.

Kerry used to visit our studio in Miami, Florida on a regular basis. It was always a big event. I enjoyed talking to her. She really is very nice. I also enjoyed seeing her. Her tits are truly marvels of nature, and she usually dressed to show them off. I know I’ve told the story about the time Kerry was getting ready to leave for the airport after her final day of shooting. I went into the studio to say goodbye. Kerry was wearing a tight, low-cut, white top. Yes, she was wearing that on the plane. Could you imagine sitting next to Kerry in a tight top on a 10-hour flight? Time would fly.

Here’s Kerry near the height of her voluptuousness. Tits: huge. Body: big. Face: beautiful. As busty girls-next-door go, none have ever been better.

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