Maggie Green – Maggie Green in red

Maggie Green in red

Maggie Green in red

This photo set and video are from “Maggie Green Week,” which took place at SCORELAND in 2009. It was a big deal for us. Until then, Maggie had modeled only for her personal website, so this was a big coming out party for her and a big grab for us. As Elliot pointed out, until then, “only two other models–Merilyn Sakova and Jessica Turner–have had entire weeks devoted to them at Scoreland, so Maggie is in special company.”

Weeks like these are always fun because you get to see the girl in a variety of settings and outfits, and you get to know her, too. For example, Maggie told us that she used to pay for her spring-break trips by winning wet T-shirt contests.

“One year during spring break from college, I paid for the entire trip by winning wet T-shirt contests,” Maggie said. “I must’ve won three or four of them. Every time I showed up for one, the other girls would take one look at my chest, and I could see what they were thinking: We have no chance against those!'”

She also told us she isn’t the bustiest woman in her family.

Maggie has now had a long and fruitful association with The SCORE Group, and we’re glad to have had her. This posting harkens back to a time when she was truly the amateur girl-next-door.

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