Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Bath & Breastfest

Bath & Breastfest

Bath & Breastfest

Other models talk about Linsey:

Annie Swanson (SCORE and Voluptuous model):
Voluptuous: When you first saw your boyfriend’s Voluptuous magazines, which models caught your eye?
Annie: Obviously Linsey Dawn. That’s a given.
Voluptuous: Why Linsey?
Annie: She’s got a gorgeous face. And, you know, she has a big rack compared to her waist. You know, it’s nice to see girls who have bigger boobs than me, because you don’t see girls with big boobs walking on the streets.

Angela White (SCORE and Voluptuous model):
“I love Linsey. I think I’ve got a little obsession with her. I’d like to dominate Linsey because she’s portrayed as the best big-boob model in the United Kingdom, and it gives her power. She’s got those big boobs and that tiny, little waist. I just want to overpower her. I’d go nuts. I’d probably just, like, get a dildo and start fucking her, and I’d probably make her lick me out, sit on her face, that kind of thing.”

Kellie Garnett (SCORE and Voluptuous model):
SCORE: Was school a good experience?
Kellie: It was good. But it was very daunting because I didn’t feel I was a part of everybody else because they were all very flat chested. But then there was a time when I got to be 16. There’s a local paper in London called The Daily Sport, I don’t know if you know it, I’m sure you do and I saw Linsey Dawn McKenzie in there for the first time and I thought, “Wow, there’s another girl out there who has boobs as big as mine.” So I think from then on it was a positive experience.
Gina Marie LaMontana (Voluptuous model):
Voluptuous: Is there anyone you’ve seen in Voluptuous that you admire or that you’re impressed by?
Gina Marie: It takes a lot to impress me, but I think Linsey Dawn McKenzie is phenomenal. She always looks very good.

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