Anika – Table-top titillation

Table-top titillation

Table-top titillation

Anika Anderssen is a blonde MILF-type from Arizona. She didn’t shoot much overall and I don’t think she’s doing porn and nude modeling anymore.

Anika was more verbal than most about her sexual likes and experiences, and everything she said was juicy. She may have stopped fucking and sucking guys in front of a cameraman, but I’m sure she’s still getting as much dick as she wants. Her numero-uno reason for getting into porn was to get fucked by porn studs.

“I am usually passive,” Anika said. “When I’m in a horny mood, then I’m aggressive. I got into hardcore because the men in it are very dominant, have big dicks and can fuck for a long time. I love getting oral, and if I can have sex four or five times a week, I’m happy. If I can’t, then I’ll masturbate with one of my vibrators every day. I love cumming by any method: toys, fingers, girls or guys!

“Size does matter but it’s also overrated. I prefer a thick seven inches more than a skinny 10-plus. I’ve had an 11-inch cock before. My ideal cock is between eight and nine inches and very thick. I also love to spread the cum over my face and tits, so I don’t swallow that often.

On-camera or off, Anika was all about playing with cock.

“My kinkiest sexual experience was blowing a boyfriend while he and I were driving to Mexico on vacation. He sure enjoyed that! I don’t read about many girls doing that. I think most guys would rather be parked and get a blow job than actually driving with a girl’s head bobbing up and down on their cock!”

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