Elle Macqueen – Elle. After.

Elle. After.

Elle. After.

“I used to work as a pole dancer a long time ago,” Elle, our 31-year-old Bush Baby, told us. “But I gave that up. It was so exciting, but it wasn’t the most-stable job. I was the only dancer who had knickers full of pubes, but that often worked to my advantage. There were loads of 18-year-old girls dancing next to me, and they had their fair share of suitors, but the older businessmen preferred me. That was fine, by the way. They had more money to spend on lapdances! Plus, I could grab their wrists and guide their fingers through my curlies. That always got me a few extra quid!”

“In my free time, I enjoy life drawing. I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of an artist. I work mostly with charcoals, but I also use inks and pencils. I’ve done nude modeling for local unis, too. That’s loads of fun. Because I’ve done nude dancing in the past, I have no shame about stripping in front of strangers. I can spot the virgin boys immediately, too. I can see their eyes go wide when they first get a load of me. I make sure to cross my legs in their direction so they can catch a glimpse of pink.”

“I’m loving my new, smooth pussy, but I might grow my pubes back out. I miss reaching down there and feeling the soft, silky hair.”

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