Casey Deluxe – Fertility Goddess

Fertility Goddess

Fertility Goddess

Casey Deluxe at nine-months pregnant said she’s even more into sex than ever before. Some positions thrill her much more than before and because of the size of her bump, some positions have become more difficult. Doggie-style sex is even hotter. She’s really into the spooning position from behind. She’d like to get as much sex as she can and that depends on her partner and how ready he can be.

Sex four-to-five days a week is what Casey would prefer. Her partner can always give her head because she loves that. Casey’s much bigger boobs, a result of her pregnant growth spurt, are more sensitive than ever before. She’s really attracting the preggo fans. Some of them are sending her videos and photos of themselves jacking on her photos. Now that’s fan loyalty. Casey says she really likes that. She calls it a “cum tribute.”

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