Roxi Red – Cafe Roxi

Cafe Roxi

Cafe Roxi

Breast-men, including your TSG editors, pray and hope they will walk into a diner or a cafe and their waitresses will be as stacked and as built as the spectacular Roxi Red. No such thing has ever happened. Are there any waitresses with huge natural tits like Roxi’s? We’ve never seen any. If yes, we’d like to hand her a business card. The only model found in recent years working in a restaurant is Mia Khalifa.

Roxi prepares all of the desserts you see before you and she lays them out for her boob-hungry clientele. Then things get out of hand. She takes off her titty-top and sprays her massive mams with whipped cream, for starters. Your food order will have to wait until Roxi is done with her sticky show. This is one time you won’t mind waiting for your order. She’s as sweet and as satisfying as her creamy pastries and pies.

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