Jennifer Matthews – Can’t Hold It

Can’t Hold It

Can't Hold It

If this set looks familiar…
That’s because it’s the intro for Jennifer’s scene in The Sex Tutor. Before engaging in a hot three-way with Ms. Sasha and JMac, Jennifer has to pee. Sasha catches her tinkling on her lawn and gives her a spanking!

How did you feel peeing for the camera? Did you feel shy?
“No, not at all. I’m pretty comfortable peeing in front of other people. I just made sure to drink a lot of water so I had a nice flowing stream. Once I felt that I had to go I had no problems peeing. When I’m at home or at a friend’s house I always pee with the bathroom door open. I guess it’s because I’m kind of an exhibitionist. I mean, I don’t necessarily have a thing for peeing. But I’m not against it. And if it turns someone on I’m happy to let them watch me go.”

What did you think of your scene with Sasha in The Sex Tutor?
“You know, I was totally cool with peeing, but I was nervous to be in the three-way with Sasha! I’d never fooled around with a hot MILF before. But once we got into it I liked letting her take control and tell me what to do. It was kind of nice to be given orders and to feel like a little fuck doll. That’s what I really felt like since I’m so short compared to her and JMac! Speaking of which, one thing that really turned me on was when they both held me up in the air while JMac fucked me.”

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