Katie Thornton – The Reverse Strip

The Reverse Strip

The Reverse Strip

Bathrooms and dressing rooms are private sanctuaries where all girls perform their transformations. This is where their daily routines occur–routine to them, sexy to us. Most of us guys don’t get to see what they’re doing in there, what secret things are happening in there. We do see, and so can you, at SCORELAND.

“The Reverse Strip” begins with a totally naked Katie Thornton. Many SCORE and V-mag girls have done this kind of “private morning ritual” shoot including Hitomi and Daylene Rio. It starts with Katie stepping into the bathroom for a shower. filmed from many angles. We see beautiful Katie dry off, doll herself up a little more and then dress in a sexy gown for her “important meeting.” It wouldn’t be difficult to watch Katie do this all day.

L.S. wrote, “I can only manage about three minutes before I explode with the thought of Katie Thornton’s beauty, but I’m working hard at it.”

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