Mia Sweetheart – Mia is a Sweetheart

Mia is a Sweetheart

Mia is a Sweetheart

Meet Mia Sweetheart. She’s truly a sweetheart. It may be a cliche but prepare to fall in love.

“I don’t usually dress to show off my breasts,” says Mia, speaking English in her sexy Romanian accent. “They pop out even if I don’t want them to.” Aside from the occasional nipple slip, Mia says she often wears tight T-shirts when she goes out. “I am used to getting a lot of attention about my chest, like most women, sometimes good attention, sometimes not so good. I always wear a bra. I like sexy bras but it is hard to find them in my size.”

Mia likes to go on dates that are funny and relaxed, where she and her date can have a good time. “I really don’t get pick-up lines from guys. They should just talk to me in a real way and be themselves.”

“I love passionate kissing and I like to give head,” says Mia, now an XL Girls sweetheart.

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