Bare On The Stairs

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Ava Addams

“It’s important for a man to lavish me with attention and gifts if he expects me to ravish him with my feet and mouth,” Ava Said. “I don’t mind if a man is into feet and legs. I find it to be erotic that a man would want to worship me from the ground up. However, I think if a man wants to worship me, he has to be prepared to bring me offerings of his devotion. I like new shoes and sexy clothing. Whatever he brings for me, I will admire it and then offer to wear it for him and let him lick, taste and suckle me in the outfit he has chosen. Any opportunity that I get to dress up, I take it. I feel at my sexiest when I’m wearing a tight and revealing outfit and high heels. It makes me feel powerful; like I can do anything and everything. That confidence really shines through, especially when I want to seduce a man. I know that men are very visual, so wearing a slinky, sexy outfit keeps a man focused on my body and I like that. I like to be the center of attention.”

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