When we told Katia she’s one of our most-popular MILFs ever, she seemed surprised. “I’ve been with guys who’ve told me I’m hot and sexy, and I love it, and it turns me on when I hear my fans say that, too,” she said. “When I started posing for you guys, I was hoping you’d like me, but the main reason I did it was to have a little fun, maybe do something most women, especially women my age, don’t do. I’m definitely an exhibitionist, so most people who know me wouldn’t be surprised by these pictures although they might be surprised that I had anal sex on-camera. But all of my girlfriends know I have a lot of sex. How could they not? I talk about it all the time.”

Nope, it’s not Katia’s birthday. We shot this video last summer, shortly after Katia turned 56, and it kinda fell through the cracks. But we’re posting it now because Katia has been doing a lot of fucking at 50PlusMILFs.com (even take it up the ass from a super-hung black stud), and we thought you needed to see some video of her. So here she is, one of our most popular 50somethings ever. She talks dirty to us. She tries on some sexy lingerie, including a crotchless number that you have to see. She fingers her beautiful, shaved pussy, models her big, firm, round ass and then fucks herself with a pink dildo that a fan sent her. Yes, of course she puts it in her ass.

“What a birthday gift!” she says, moaning. “Yes, I’d love your hard cock in my ass. The harder the better.” As she spreads her 50something cunt and keeps fucking her asshole, you’ll see why we love classy Katia.

Here it is, members, the day you’ve all been waiting for. No, we’re not talking about Thanksgiving and three football games. We’re talking about Katia taking a big, black cock in her shaved, Southern pussy and tight ass. We’re talking about watching Katia feasting on big, black, thick meat. How can Katia take all that up her ass? Hey, when you want something badly enough, you find a way.
Before this week started, Katia was one of the top three most popular MILFs on 50PlusMILFs.com, going by your comments and ratings. We have a feeling that after you guys watch this video, there’s gonna be a new No. 1!

We couldn’t let Katia’s return to 50PlusMILFs.com pass without doing a sit-down interview with this 56-year-old babe from Alabama. So here’s the interview as a primer to tomorrow’s big-cock, ass-fuck video. You’ll love Katia’s Southern accent. You’ll love hearing her recall her first scene on 50PlusMILFs.com. You’ll love hearing her talk about Castro’s big, black cock, which she already fucked for yesterday’s photo set.
“It’s about the largest I’ve had,” Katia says.
And her first thought when she saw it? “How am I gonna take it?”
And how did she take it? “Very slowly. It was good!”
Watch. Listen. Learn. Maybe even jack a little as Katia sits there in her sexy little outfit and tells us the history of her shaved pussy (she’s been shaving it for a long time). Then she shows off her big tits and her ass and compares the size of her forearm to Castro’s cock. Then she gets started on Castro’s cock!
Be patient, guys. Tomorrow’s only a day away, and it’s gonna be worth
the wait!

Katia, 56, shows Waya, 45, what best friends are for in this MILF-MILF video. Waya’s asshole husband has left her, and Katia tries to console her. This is where Katia, the older woman, proves that sexual wisdom comes with age, too, as she does her best to get Waya out of the funk she’s in.
“Maybe I’m just not the pretty young thing I used to be,” Waya said.
Responds Katia, “Look at this body. It is gorgeous. Look at that ass!”
Katia starts caressing her. Waya tells Katia that she’s hot. They’re hesitant at first, but they quickly get into it, and what results is one of the hottest lezzie scenes we’ve ever seen. If you thought Katia was good at sucking cock, you should see how she eats pussy. She really gets into it, and Waya moans, “Oh, god, you’re sucking my clit!” Then Katia diddles her own clit while Waya eats her cunt. And, since we all know how much Katia is into anal, Katia sticks her butt in the air so Waya can finger her asshole. Very hot stuff. For the grand finale, they fuck each other with a giant two-headed dildo.
If you’re into girl-girl, you’re gonna love this. And if you’re not, this video might change your mind.

The tables are turned in this 50plusMILFs.com video. Usually it’s our horny photographers who are trying to get into the panties of the sexy 50somethings and 60somethings. This time, Katia, a 55-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, is the photographer who’s trying to get into the pants of her male model.
“You know you’re turning me on, Carlo,” she says, but he seems oblivious. She has him take off his clothes, but when she says, “Unbuckle your pants. Don’t be shy,” he hesitates.
“My agent didn’t tell me about this,” he says. “What kind of shoot is this?”
Well, Carlo, buddy, if you must know, it’s the kind of shoot in which the hot MILF photographer sucks your cock and then has you fuck her pussy and ass. It’s that kind of shoot, if you want to know the truth.
By the way, one of the best things about this video is that we get to hear Katia’s sexy Southern accent. She says things like, “Why don’t you take it off for me, darlin’?” If it was us, she wouldn’t have had to ask twice.

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