Marilyn Mayson – The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The best compliment doe-eyed Marilyn Mayson ever got was from a guy who said that she’s “the Beyonce of BBWs.”

“I’m a pleaser,” said Marilyn who’s our DJ in this XL Girls scene, The Ultra-breast Music Fest. “I know what people want without them having to ask. Sex on a first date? Always. I just can’t help myself. I’m super-submissive to what a guy wants.”

Marilyn does web-cam and we found her because of that.

“There can be anywhere from 50 to 100 guys watching me. What I like to do is ask them to tell me–if they don’t mind–when they’re cumming and where. So I have a bunch of guys telling me, ‘I just came on your tits.’ ‘I just came in your pussy.’ ‘I just came in your mouth.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah!’ I kinda get off on that.”

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