Marilyn Mayson – The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

Marilyn Mayson will now spin you ’round and ’round and turn you upside down as today’s XL Girls’ house DJ. She’s our kind of DJ, big tits and juicy butt out. She’s a dirty talker and she shows off her oral skills when the music’s over.

If you’re Marilyn’s guy, she’s looking out for you.

“I’ll fuck you non-stop. Pretty much, if I’m not fucking you, I’m sucking you. I want sex at all times of the day and night. I can never get enough!”

Marilyn’s said her favorite fetish is when a partner comes inside her pussy. “It’s just something about feeling the guy spurting in my pussy that feels really good. It makes me cum, too. I like when they stretch my pussy, too, and talk about it and how big their dick is in my pussy. I like that a whole lot.”

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