Christy Marks – Bounce and cheer

Bounce and cheer

Bounce and cheer

Christy Marks began her modeling career with boob and pussy play. When SCORE went to The Bahamas for the DVD Big Boob Paradise, Christy did girl-girls with Angela White and Gianna. When Christy got back to America, she began doing boy-girl scenes. She really loved doing everything, from solos to threesomes. Her approach to sex, whether it’s porn or everyday sex, is natural, eager and breezy. In this scene, Christy’s a cheerleader who gets it on with a jock.

“I can say that I got into them and got very wet and came a whole bunch of times,” Christy said about her boy-girl and girl-girl scenes. “I know that I get into it easily because I love sex, but it really depends on the other person I am having sex with. If I am attracted to them, even just a little bit, doesn’t matter. What matters is if the guy gets into the scene and doesn’t act like it’s just work. When the guys get into it, I really do cum. It’s just like fucking but with a camera in my face. I do the same things I do at home, just more positions. So I really do enjoy it.”

Christy said she watches porn at home.

“Sometimes I like pregnant girls. It is on a rare occasion. I mean, I’ve never played with one or anything, but they are cute to look at. I’ll check out preggo sites sometimes. They have this certain glow about them that is so cute. I love lesbians. I watch a lot of porn at home, but it’s all lesbian porn. It gets me off. Oh, and I like being submissive. So, like, anything where it’s not forcing it, but someone else in control.”

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