Lucy Love – Lucy and the gardener

Lucy and the gardener

Lucy and the gardener

I met Lucy Love during the Busty Riding Academy shoot in rural Hungary in 2008. Lucy wasn’t in that movie but appeared in another hardcore flick we made that week, Stacked & Serviced. That was an interesting week in Hungary. We had rented out a huge estate that used to be a castle (you can see it in the background in the photos and videos), and we had busty girls coming and going every day. A lot of girls fucked in that castle, and Lucy was one of them.

Lucy doesn’t speak much English, so I didn’t get to find out much about her. I did find out that she had a fantasy about fucking the gardener, so that’s what we had her to in this scene with fellow Hungarian Matt Bird (Lucy had a thing for Hungarian men; you can call her a patriot when it comes to cock).

Blonde, sexy, lusty Lucy really did breeze in and out of our lives. She did two fuck scenes for us, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Usually, a model shoots one fuck scene a day, photo and video, but Lucy had somewhere she had to be, so we crammed-ahem-her schedule. I’m guessing that wherever she had to be involved more cock.

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