Roxee Robinson – Here’s To You, Roxee Robinson

Here’s To You, Roxee Robinson

Here's To You, Roxee Robinson

XL Girls doesn’t know if Roxee Robinson does windows at home like this but if she does, her neighbors are to be envied. She really does a magnificent job. Anyone married to a girl like Roxee probably never leaves the house.

XLGirls: Dumb question, Roxee. Are you a sports fan? What are your favorite teams?

Roxee: I am a Montreal Canadiens fan and a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

XLGirls: Are you active in sports yourself?

Roxee: Growing up, I played all kinds of sports. Soccer, baseball, tennis, badminton and volleyball.

XLGirls: Volleyball. That must have been fun to watch. So what do you like to do on a date?

Roxee: I like good food so a nice restaurant with good company. I like to talk and really connect. I am a romantic.

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