Chavon Taylor – Bounce, Chavon, bounce!

Bounce, Chavon, bounce!

Bounce, Chavon, bounce!

Chavon Taylor was only 19 years old when she first came to us in 2006. She told us she hadn’t been having much sex, but that would soon change. Chavon would go from SCORE Girl to big-time porn slut, and even though her age suggested otherwise, she really knew what she was doing.

“I eventually want to become a cosmetologist after my modeling career ends,” Chavon said. “I want to be the cosmetologist to the stars, maybe have my own salon in Los Angeles.”

I don’t know if that ever happened.

In this scene, Chavon enters a scientist’s lab for an experiment. As she bounces her naturals on a mini-trampoline, Dr. Anthony slows her down then speeds her up. Anthony’s next experiment involves studying Chavon’s bouncing and jiggling boobs while he fucks her.

“What a fine specimen,” he tells Chavon as he lies back for a messy blow job. After Chavon’s tongue and cleavage have worked their magic, it’s time for Chavon to bounce on his boner. He fills her tight pussy deep as her big boobs rotate in all directions.

By the time they finish the breast experiments, they are drenched in sweat and Chavon’s big knockers are dripping with cum.

The world has enough cosmetologists. It needs more girls like Chavon.

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