Anastasia Lux – Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

A nameless fan writes about Anastasia Lux, “Anastasia, you are stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy!! You have the most perfect nipples and areolas I’ve ever seen! I love it when you lick and suck on those amazing nipples. I want to see much more of you on SCORELAND. You are, quite simply, one of the best and most beautiful models ever!”

Says lovely, sexy Anastasia, “I’m a very driven person so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more. Bigger is better. I was blessed with being naturally curvaceous with a nice silhouette that emphasizes my femininity. When I want to feel sexy I put on a short dress, a low-cut top that shows my cleavage or my silk pajamas and take some selfies in the mirror to show everybody on social media.”

The hot pink, low-cut outfit Anastasia wears in this scene comes off quickly so we can invest some quality time enjoying her fantastic, voluptuously-built body and big natural tits capped by wide, dark areolae. Incredible tits!

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