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Frisky In The Fountain

Frisky In The Fountain

Welcome back!
What’ve you been up to since we last saw you in Feb. ’14?
“Well, I’ve finally been having orgasms from sex! The first time it happened I didn’t know what was going on. The guy was fucking me slow and I felt this pressure building up inside me. Then I felt my pussy convulse and this overwhelming feeling took over. I was making noises that I never had before. I was cumming, and I finally realized what I’d been missing!”

Is it easy for you to cum from sex now?
“I wouldn’t say it’s easy. It takes some work. But at least now I know how to get it done. My favorite way to cum is from being on top. I can grind my hips just the right way so the guy’s cock is hitting my g-spot and my clit is rubbing on his pelvis. I love looking down at his face as I cum with him inside me.”

Have you tried any anal stuff?
“I haven’t done anal. I’m a little scared to try that! But I get my ass eaten out all the time, and sometimes I’ll let a guy finger my butt. It’s the best when he’s going down on me. There’s something about a guy tonguing my butt while fingering my pussy that feels so damn good. The reverse, him fingering my ass while sucking on my clit, is great too. My butthole is almost as sensitive as my clit, but I haven’t cum from my ass yet.”

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