Jazmine – Tight Fit

Tight Fit

Tight Fit

Jazmine, a slim yet busty natural, rides Johnny’s fuckin’ bronco in “Tight Fit” and she has a good time doing it. She likes being taken from behind and riding cowgirl style.

“I try to have sex every day,” says Jazmine. With her looks and body, she has no problem attracting horndogs, especially in south Florida. “I have a tickle fetish and I like it when a guy has a foot fetish and enjoys my feet. When I wear heels that show off my feet, or I’m barefoot, I can tell by looking at a guy’s eyes if he has a foot fetish.”

“Before a guy fucks me, I like to get head and get fingered first. Sometimes I’m cool with a guy fingering my ass. It depends. I don’t really have any interest in masturbation but I did try something different: playing with myself while I sat on a washing machine that was turned-on. The vibrations were incredible.”

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