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Last week, we tried to answer the question, “Is Georgette a classy lady or a slut.” Now, obviously, it’s possible for a woman to be both�a classy slut�and in the case of this 64-year-old interior decorator from Tampa Bay, Florida, we think that’s the case. And, if you remember, the dude in this video liked how Georgette looked in her “classy lady” outfit, which was pretty sexy and slutty, too, if you ask us. So how would he like her in her slutty outfit? The outfit that she can’t possibly wear with a bra or panties (not that she usually wears either) because it has so many slits? Well, these photos provide the answer.
Of course, it probably doesn’t matter how Georgette is dressed. If she starts sticking her big tits in your face, you’re gonna get a hard-on. And when she starts sucking your cock and eating your balls? Lights out, fella. And that’s even before the fucking begins. And trust us, fellas. It begins!
“I’m always ready to go, whether I’m dressed classy or slutty,” Georgette said. But here’s a warning to you: If you happen to run into Georgette, don’t expect her to come onto you, no matter how much she might want your cock.
“I’m just not a big flirt,” she said. “I am very open and friendly, but I don’t come on strong to guys. If they want me, they have to come on to me.”
Now that’s what we call an invitation!

At the start of this video, Georgette Parks tells us that she’s about to fulfill one of her fantasies. Hey, Georgette has fulfilled so many of our fantasies, it’s great that she’s fulfilling hers at the same time.
Anyway, this video is the story of a 65-year-old MILF/GILF/nudist/swinger who has done just about everything sexually in life-gang bangs, bukkake, sex with strangers, etc.-but there are a few things she still hasn’t done. And one of those things is fuck a black man.
And, so, early in this video, we see Georgette wrap her red-lipsticked lips around a black cock for the first time. She gets it nice and wet, sucking sloppily…because that’s how she does it. You see, Georgette didn’t become our most popular MILF ever by doing things just because we like them…she does things because she likes them, and it shows. She licks the balls. The guy says, “Do it!” but Georgette doesn’t need encouragement.
As you watch this video and see Georgette take the big, black cock in every position, it’s clear that she’s enjoying her first interracial experience. Somewhere around 20 minutes, she gets her legs all the way back, and we get the gyno view as the cock pummels Georgette’s slut cunt. You have never, ever seen Georgette cum like this. She is completely, utterly overcome…or is it overcum?
Whatever. Enjoy.

Earlier in the year, we asked, “Is Georgette Parks a slut or a classy lady?” When this scene opens, 65-year-old Georgette looks very sexy but classy. She’s wearing red lingerie and stockings. And even when she’s talking about getting fucked by two guys on camera for the first time, she still has that air of class.

But then the camera pans down. Hey, Georgette isn’t wearing any panties! Her shaved pussy is right there for all the world to see! And then we remember the answer to our question: Georgette is a classy slut.

The two guys show up, one on each side of her. “I want you to fuck me,” Slut Georgette says. “I want to get fucked so bad. And I want to suck both of you.”

Georgette kneels between them and sucks one while jacking the other. Then she lays back and takes turns sucking one guy while the other fingers her pussy. When the fucking starts, there isn’t a moment when Georgette’s mouth and pussy aren’t simultaneously stuffed. Okay, there are a few moments: when they’re changing positions.

Question: How much cum can Georgette coax out of two cocks at the same time? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year from Georgette and all of us at 60PLUSMILFS.COM. We hope your New Year’s Eve is as wild as Georgette’s is going to be!

In her 64 years on this planet, Georgette Parks has done a lot of things. But eating an 18-year-old’s pussy definitely isn’t one of them, and having a threesome with an 18-year-old and a 60-year-old guy isn’t one of them, either. In this video, Georgette is one-half of a swinging couple. Sophia, the 18-year-old, has answered their ad for a maid. But Georgette doesn’t want a maid. She wants young pussy! So, when the dude goes to the kitchen to fetch some refreshments, Georgette makes her move. Before you know it, they’re kissing…real kissing, not that phony porn lezzie kissing you sometimes see, which is pretty impressive since Georgette once told us she isn’t into girls. Well, no offense, Georgette, but bullshit! Soon, Georgette’s hands are all over the teen’s tits and pussy, and when the husband comes back, the action really starts. So enjoy. Jack. And when you’re done, let us now what you think about this scene. Want more? You gotta let us know!

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