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Hidden Gem

What’s It Like To Be Editor Of SCORE Magazine By Dave Rosenbaum

“What’s it like to be the editor of SCORE?” I get that question all the time, especially from my friends who work more normal jobs. The truth is, I really didn’t realize how good I had it until my second year on the job, when one of my friends, a tool salesman, was complaining about a difficult day at work.
“I had a long day, too,” I said, totally seriously. He looked at me like he was ready to kill me. “What did you do?” he said. “Play with boobs?” “No,” I said, somewhat sheepishly, realizing my day hadn’t been tough at all. “I poured lube on Sierra’s pussy.” Not a lot of sympathy there. Okay, so I had also put an issue of SCORE to bed, planned another magazine and attended a few meetings. But tough? This job? No way. Near the end of 2001, a few months after Linsey Dawn McKenzie had done her first boy-girl, I was called into the studio to interview Linsey. While she was taking a bath. Naked, of course.
I didn’t take my clothes off and get into the bath, but I did have a hard time focusing on the interview when my eyes were focusing on Linsey’s floating rockets. Linsey acted as if being interviewed while taking a bath was the most natural thing in the world. My hard-on thought otherwise. Sometimes, at the end of a long day at SCORE, one that included a video interview with a model, I’ll drive home, look at the drivers in the other cars and wonder what they did today. I guarantee, their day wasn’t as good as mine. I’m not bragging. Just stating the facts. (Note: Immediately after the interview, Mr. Rosenbaum, lucky bastard, wanked in the men’s room at SCORE. His interview with LDM is also on the DVD The Best of Linsey Dawn McKenzie.)

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