Mianna Thomas – Bustin’ out at the strip club

Bustin’ out at the strip club

Bustin' out at the strip club

I used to spend a lot of time in strip clubs, handing out singles, getting lap dances and enjoying similar techniques of bettering myself. When I went on a regular basis, I’d only pay attention to the busty dancers. Usually they had boob jobs, which I like, too. Skinny girls were for other men. I never saw a natural in a club with tits as big as Mianna Thomas’ in this fantasy strip show that turns into a XXX bang.

Where are all the massively-chested lap dancers? Why does no one hire them? I go to a club now and then, and everyone is skinny. You mean to tell me that in this big country called America, no huge-boobed natural ever walked into a club applying for a lap-dance position to pay for her unemployed boyfriend’s pot and Nintendo expenses?

When Mianna gets off the stage to give a lap dance, she drops her 34JJ-cup tits on Levi’s lap in a sequence that’s so well-shot in P.O.V., you’ll think it’s your lap she’s doing it to. Mianna reaches in to suck, spit on and tit-fuck the cock while still using your lap as a boob-shelf. Moving over to the stage, Mianna squats to suck dick and balls hands-free. She uses the pole to keep her balance when she gets fucked standing. Not bad for a girl who doesn’t strip for a living.

At Club SCORE, no one gets lap dances and leaves with blue balls. They get the VIP treatment. To cum on Mianna’s jugs is one of life’s greatest achievements. Few men have accomplished this.

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