Lucy Lenore is a girly girl. She loves to primp and she loves to feel pretty. Of course, when you look like Lucy, grooming and looking pretty comes fairly easy.

“I do like to get dolled up,” Lucy said. “Especially on my nights out on the town with my girls. Of course, I’m always wearing a tight dress or top and showing off plenty of cleavage.”

We have to say, as much as we enjoy watching Lucy get dolled up, we love watching her take it all off and wash up. Watching Lucy peel her clothes off and lather up her plush naturals, soft belly and plump booty is mesmerizing. In our estimation, there’s no time when a woman looks sexier, more fuckable, than when she is dripping from head-to-toe during or after a hot bath or shower. We would love to slip-n-slide up and down every inch of Lucy’s ample, fleshy body.

While showering, Lucy notices that her bush has grown a little unruly. So she grabs her razor and cream, takes a seat in the shower, and lathers up her juicy cunt with shaving cream. Even if you visited Boston, you wouldn’t find a tastier-looking cream pie than Lucy’s freshly lathered cunt. She slowly and carefully shaves her pussy until it’s bare. Wet tits, slick curves and juicy pussy. It gets no better than this.

Prisoner #36J Lucy Lenore is unjustly jailed. She was found guilty of being too sexy. This is a pretty cool jail. Lucy can wear her skintight dresses and high heels and no one complains. She does need a favor. She needs you to help her bust out of this place. If you get her out, she’ll get you off. Sounds like a great deal.

“I love men who take control and talk dirty to me in bed and out,” Lucy says. “Men who tell me exactly what they want and let me know they’re loving what they do to me.”

Like many XL and Voluptuous models, Lucy has a heck of a time finding bras that fit well. Lucy’s not wearing a bra in this scene. Her tits are firm and fully packed so she doesn’t need one. Any bras sent to her would not get past the prison metal detectors anyway.

“In 8th grade I was a D-cup. When I finished high school I was already bigger than DDD! I haven’t been able to buy a bra off the rack for years. I don’t like bras with padding. I can barely find clothes now. I buy lacey bras but when I go out I have to wear a sports bra underneath or the wires dig into my ribs.”

Lucy Lenore is sexy, and she knows it. As her latest scene opens, she is powdering her face and neck, but slowly and seductively inches down to her boobs. Soon, she’s gazing into the camera intently with an inviting smile in her eyes as she powders her 36J-cup naturals.

“Now that I know my outfit is perfect, I’m going to shower and make sure that I’m perfect,” Lucy says as she unstraps her belt and squeezes out of her dress. “And I forgot to shave.”

We’d say that Lucy is always perfect, but we’re a bit biased when it comes to girls like Lucy. You could roll her up in saran wrap and we’d say she’s among the hottest women we’ve ever seen. Hmm… wrapped in saran wrap…. That may be a good idea for Lucy’s next shoot.

Before Lucy jumps into the shower, the camera pans up and down her body while she spins around, letting us eye every inch of her body. Her curves are stunning. She didn’t even have to jump into the shower to make things steamy. But it only gets better when she does jump into the shower. Lathering up her body, Lucy looks ready for a hard fucking. Our minds are racing and our cocks are stiff.

And the real fun begins when she grabs her shaving cream and razor. It’s too hot and too intimate for words. Enjoy, gentlemen.

Hailing from Ohio, this buxom brunette’s body is perfect for contorting into all of the raunchiest positions you can think up. But when you have a body like hers, the classic positions can be just as satisfying. Crawling into view on all fours as her latest scene opens, Lucy Lenore looks ready to take a doggystyle pounding.

“Don’t you like my big ass in these jeans?” Lucy says, smacking her bottom.

We sure do, but we know we’ll like her ass even more out of them.

“Don’t you want to just take a bite,” Lucy adds.

In urban lexicon, big butts are referred to as “apple bottoms,” and Lucy has one big enough to feed a small village. Of course, her backside isn’t the only place in which Lucy is blessed. The biggest reason Lucy is here with us–and is a new favorite of the Brotherhood of XL Men–is because she has ample sweater meat.

“This bra makes my tits look so big,” Lucy says as she fondles her J-cups. “It can barely contain them.”

Nothing man-made can contain those girls, but they’re made to be held in a boob man’s hands. Frankly, so is her whole body. If you’ve ever asked a plumper lover what he loves about these women, their soft, huggable curves are at the top of the list. They are kissable, pinchable and made for soft nibbles and big bites.

Simply, they’re the best girls in the world. And this girl Lucy shows us all of the ways in which they are.

Bare Behind Bars

Bare Behind Bars

Are you the one who’s going to bust Lucy Lenore out of this crummy jail cell? She’s been convicted of being too sexy. Now she paces the cell in her high heels. That orange dress that hugs her hot body is a lot better than a jumpsuit. This jail might be a good place to live in if the other inmates looked like Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy pleads her case before you. As she says, “If you get me out, I’ll get you off.” Who could say no to that offer?

Lucy works at an adult toy store. “I love it,” says Lucy. “I get to help people every day so they can have a better and more fulfilling sex life.” That’s how she found out about The SCORE Group and XL Girls. “We sell SCORE magazine at my shop. One of my regulars mentioned it to me and thought I would do well. I saw the ad on the back cover and I was inspired.” It’s a good thing for us that Lucy contacted us. She’s perfect for XL Girls.

“I am into a lot of fetishes. Watersports, BDSM, pet play, role play…lots more! I masturbate as much as I can. Before work got so busy, I was masturbating three times a day, even when I wasn’t working as a cam girl. My favorite thing to cum to is listening to a man cum. Porn is made for men. Us ladies need porn too but men are always so silent and it’s hard to find. But it’s so sexy.”

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