Here’s Chance Evans, who is 50 and from Florida (born in New York). She enjoys bull riding and rodeo. She loves hanging out with her daughter and her dogs. And, as you’re about to see, this 38-24-34, big-titted hottie loves to fuck.
Chance has some unusual likes and dislikes. One of her sexual fantasies is to have sex with a vampire. She once fucked on a craps table in the middle of a casino in Las Vegas. She likes to masturbate in public, so if you see some hot mature chick walking around with her hands down her pants, it’s probably Chance. And get this: We asked her which part of a man’s body she looks at first, and she said, “His Adams apple. There’s something phenomenally sexy about it.”
Chance is a lot deeper than we are. We usually check out tits, ass and pussy, although not necessarily in that order.
Oh, one more thing. We asked Chance, “What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?” And she said, “This!”
Glad we could make you happy, Chance. You’re making us happy.

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